Flavours like cotton candy and Vape Clearance bubble gum are rightly banned because they are notably interesting to youth. Banning flavours won’t cease youth vaping. Consider the question of flavours. Google ‘Vape Shop pods Canada’ right now and you may be bombarded with opportunities to buy vape pods in a variety of youth-friendly flavours and with none ID check. This nationwide ban on youth-oriented flavours has been in place for almost two years and yet they are still readily accessible online and in specialty Vape Clearance shops throughout Ontario attributable to lack of enforcement.

But a facet effect was that the variety of American cigarette smokers rose for the first time in 20 years. The American flavour ban labored, as teenage vape use decreased. “The total revenue loss to the vaping trade that additionally manufactures tobacco products could also be mitigated by the substitution of tobacco purchases from twin users who would return to smoking,” reads Health Canada’s 2021 report on the potential effects of a flavour ban.

“Vapour flavoured products like strawberry and ice cream give younger folks the false impression that vaping is harmless when it’s each bit as habit-forming as smoking,” mentioned Saskatchewan Health Minister Paul Merriman final April. Switching from cigarettes to vapes got millions of people away from inhaling deadly carcinogens. To do that, we should always act on Health Canada’s proof that claims most underage people who Vape Kits don’t buy their vapes from regular retail channels. Nevertheless, Canada’s provincial and federal governments do their best to persuade everyone that vaping is a perilous vice that must be restricted, although not outlawed and Vape Clearance rendered untaxable.

Governments are to be applauded for attempting to do something about underage vaping. So why are Canadian governments so keen on punishing vapers and the vaping industry with new taxes and rules? His feedback reveal that the habit, not the well being results, is the new justification for heightened taxes. Smokers switching to vaping has cut into provincial tobacco tax revenues in recent times, so British Columbia raised taxes on Vape Devices merchandise in 2020, while Saskatchewan hiked its tax on Vape online Store merchandise from six to 20 per cent the next year.

But it will make it much less likely that adult smokers will select vaping and its hurt reduction potential. Vaping carries a minuscule danger of lung damage, but nothing compared to the upwards of 20 per cent of smokers who develop cancer. Those in Canada calling for new vaping restrictions are totally aware that their suggestions will drive up tobacco sales and most cancers charges. Although some research has found chemicals that will cause cancer in some vaping merchandise, they have not been shown to trigger most cancers.

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